How the level of accuracy affect the image recognition?

Hi Team. We have a client requirement where we have a PDF containin scanned images and we are trying to use activity ImageFound. When e set the accuracy as 0.5 and under, we are able to recognize the image via UIPath. But if we set the accuracy to > 0.5, we are unable to find the image in the PDF.

Please suggest if setting the accuracy to < .5 is desirable
what is the sugestive setting to put in accuracy attribute of ImageFound ? Please advise.


From what I’ve seen is if there is a part of the screen that could mistakenly be seen as your image with lower accuracy then you have a problem. If there isn’t, then it’s ok to use that lower accuracy.

I believe you can use .55 or .575 too, but if there’s a small range that can be used and it’s still inconsistent, then you may need to use another image as your base image for the recognition (due to possibly pixelation or blurriness) in order for the variance in image to match. It can be tricky sometimes.

Hope that helps with some ideas.