UiPath with the Images!

how Uipath is able to recognize images ?

Do you want to know the which image recognition technology Uipath uses?

Or you want to know how to check images on screen?

The image recognition technology…yes

I wish it was google AI which is said to have over 0.9 accuracy, but I don’t think so since UIpath looks for around 0.8 accuracy.

@vvaidya do you remember the (how to click the like button) from yesterday,I ain’t able to click it any more :angry:I tried to capture the image again and again but nothing is working < I did decrease the accuracy to 0.1 : :disappointed:. but damn, still not working !
And thanks man,you’re always there to help :slight_smile:

Can you share your xaml

Go through this thread as well.

Likes Planet.zip (2.7 MB)

adding @acaciomelo also since you referred his code

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so @vvaidya did you give a look ?

Your url is blocked for me. Can you let me know where exactly you are having the problem?

in (Main ) …I made a sequence called ( this Is the problem ) >>that is the step which I use to click (like button in facebook)

Did it work yesterday and stopped working today? Do you know if anything changed in the meanwhile?

Can you provide direct URL for the image?

Hi @vvaidya
As UiPath has recieved Outstanding Achievement in the Field of AI and Use of AI in Enterprise , can you please elaborate on what elements of AI has been implemented using UiPath and how are they implemented? How ML and AI are implemented within UiPath?

how to develop image recognition tool using uipath