How to Increase Column Width in Task Filed in Create Task Form Activity

Hello every one,

How to increase the Text Field Size i.e. Column width in Create Form Task Activiti as shown Below

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Hi Adarsh

The total column width must add up to 12. As you have 4 columns, each will have a width of 3. So to increase the width of Column 1, you will have to sacrifice the width of another column.

Alternatively you can make the form wider, which will in turn scale up the total form width when the form is opened, making everything wider.


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Hi @Che

Thank you for the Quick Reply, actually here i am designing the Form using “Create Form Task” ACTIVITY not “Create From” Activity so i don’t have those options like FormHeight, Formwidth In property Panel


May i know how to do changes in it for increasing the Column Width

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Hi Adarsh,

Sorry that was my mistake in reading.

I’m not sure for the create form task activity. However, are you aware task activities can be completed in the Action Center in Cloud? That way they may appear more accessible.

I do ask for what reason are you using a DataTable for input like this? If it is one row only, then you can simply use individual fields, if it is more - then I’d ask where are you getting the entry data from? And then look to automating the retrieval and processing of that data.

Hope that helps

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