Data grid - column width

I’m making a form using the Create Form Activity. There’s Data Grid on it, with all columns having the same width.

Can anyone help me to set a custom width per column on a Data Grid?


Found the following solution.
Edit the json of a component on the data grid, you can set its “attributes” property as follows:

"attributes": { "style": "width:60px;text-align:right;" }

This allows you to enter any styles you need for this specific control.

Thank you. Is there a way that I can set it dynamic to adjust the size of the input field?

Hi Ullas,

Did you find any way to adjust the width of a component in grid?

If you display the content of your column into a text field in a data Grid, you may have to provide a fixed width, instead you can use a text area which can wrap your text and shows complete text.