Action Form Task: Failed to include CSS in HTML Content

Hi, I’m designing Action Form Task to be added in Cloud Action Center. However, the HTML table becomes a plain table without CSS (although I’ve added CSS). I’ve done the same in On-Prem Action Center & I’m using the same template for the Cloud Action Center. Refer below screenshot:

This is the HTML table file & the table should look like this:

Table.html (909 Bytes)

Here’s the workflow for the process. Thanks
Action Form (11.7 KB)

Hello @azeem_rosli ,

Perhaps you should use the HTML Element Component for adding your css:

Also please check the following topic: .

You should start from the 2nd point, as the demo is for Create Form activity, while you are using a Create Form Task activity. But I assume the mechanism is the same.

Hope it helps!
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Hi, I’ve tried added the CSS styles & HTML table in the Content field:

This the preview in my Form Designer:

But in Action Center, it’s still in plain:

I think it is due to the CSS styles in Automation Hub which has override my custom CSS style. Any idea how to solve this?