How to identify the word with image?

Hi @ All,

I have a scenario like based on the given word bot has to click the image.
The give word has images in below

Hi @varunk, have you tried to use “Click text” activity? Also, no image seems to be attached to your post.

But i’m asking how bot will identify the word with image.
For example I will give word as parrot, it has click the image of parrot out of few images.

Here is some example how to solve it (and it works for me), where you type a word in an input dialog (e.g. ‘parrot’) and then the automation uses ‘switch’ to click images accordingly (here it double-clicks the image of my firefox shortcut when ‘parrot’ is typed in / double-clicks the image of a recycle bin for ‘lamb’ / writes the line ‘rabbit’ for ‘rabbit’. Hope this helps somehow :grinning:.Pic to be clicked.xaml (27.2 KB)