How to have the bot select a defined word/text link on a screen?


I’m trying to create a bot that I need it to recognize if a string of text is on the screen, and click it.

For example, I will have the bot prompt the user for what “project name” they are trying to run the bot for. So if the user puts in that they are running the bot for “Project X”, I want the bot to scan the screen for that phrase and click on it.

Any help would be appreciated! I already know how to prompt the user and add it as a new variable, so just looking for the “scan and select” aspect.

Thank you!

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Hi @Kylealden15

Fine this can handled with the help of two Activities either
–Kindly use find element Activity or find image Activity buddy, and make a selection of that element or image
–These activities will give us a output variable of type boolean, name it as out_boolean
–Then pass this boolean variable to if condition and if the condition passes it will go to THEN part of if condition where we can click Activity to click the element or will go o ELSE part where we can include that we need
–For more info on find element exists and find image Activity

Cheers @Kylealden15