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Hi all!

I have a problem. I need to login on a web page with user credentials and there is a CAPTCHA. I need to write that captcha in that particular box but am not able to do that. Can anybody please help me regarding this.Thanks in Advance.

hi @Gauravkumar

Use Google OCR activity to implement the captcha

Ashwin S

Hello Team, There are 2 Versions of Google ReCaptcha available in the market.
Version 1 is just identify text on the image and enter in the captcha location. This is old and google is not supporting any more.
Version 2 is latest. Identify the image object based on the given name on the top of the image and click. It has to repeat several times until all related images are disappear.

This is not impossible but expensive. There are several softwares which will detect the image and find the elements on the image and match with text. But no free OCR readers are going to give desired results. It’s all depends on your budget.

Please find tool Computer Vision API for Hand written text by OCR
Computer Vision | Microsoft Azure

There is an option called Upload in the above link. Just capture your ReCaptcha image and save as jpg and upload into this above website. it will process your image in few seconds and update image details… in text format in the beside window. Then your robot should read those text and find the image element and click.

You need to spend enough time to do this… but not impossible.

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Hi @AshwinS2

Am getting this error by using get ocr text

hi @Gauravkumar

What kind of captcha is it strikethrough text or normal captcha
Have you created a string variable in text property of Google ocr

Ashwin S

Yes @AshwinS2 this is text type captcha am attaching my xaml file. please see and let me know where am getting wrong. Main.xaml (9.9 KB)
and from this website i need to extract captcha.

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Kumar

@Gauravkumar,Any Ocr cannot extract the captcha exactly because the captcha is not clear.
In get Ocr text you have assigned variable in result column.Assign captcha variable to text


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Hi @gaurav

Me check the file as @sreekanth said you have given captcha string variable to result please do give it to text property and check it now

Ashwin S

Hi @sreekanth and @AshwinS2 am getting an error Timeout Reached. and please tell if it is re-captcha of images so how could we do that.

Gaurav Kumar

@Gauravkumar,You wont get exact output because captcha wont be clearbrowser.xaml (6.3 KB)

ok @sreekanth thanks for your support. can you please tell me if there is a re-captcha image based so how can we extract.