How to identify if I use dispatcher or performer

Do I just use performer instead?
Go to sap crm to download customer list
Go to sap to download file
Sort and filter the 2 file via vlookup
Send email and attach the finalized file


Do the files are downloaded based on customer details?


Nope, both files are to be download based on from start date and end date

Dispatcher is used to read data from any input source and then upload it to a queue. We upload items to a queue to process the data in a First-in-First-out fashion.
The processing of this data is done using the performer.



If there is no data to be sent into queues then use the dispatcher.

If there is any data to be send into queues then use performer.


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Date is fixed or it is different. If the date varies then use dispatcher and add queue items.
Then use Processor to download the files according queue items and send back to end user


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The start date will change every year
The end date is set to today


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@Jem_lim Then their is no need to add in queue. Use performer or custom approach

Hey @Jem_lim ,

If you are uploading data to queues then it is called as Dispatcher
Basically dispacting(Sending) data to queue or tabular data then it is done using Dispatcher

Also if you are doing stuffs like processing data doing some calculations or basically performing actions with data then it is called as Performer

And to answer your question ,you have used a Performer

Hope this answers Your question
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