Dispatcher VS Performer Queue Orchestator schedule

Dear all,

I have the issue with efficiency of using Dispatcher and Performer. My process is working on e-mail trigger. For now where I am using Dispatcher and Performer. When new e-mail came on BOT mailbox the Dispatcher get that e-mail move to other folder and send item to the queue in Orchestrator. After that I need to run Performer, get item from the queue and process it. It takes from 5 to 15 minutes. In the meantime the new email can came. Is is possible to set up Dispatcher and Performer in parallel on one licence? For now I am wasting time and licence because I do not know when the new email will came on BOT mailbox and when the Performer finish its action? Scheduling that processes one after other is not efficient for me. I have only one licence and limited time to run that processes.

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In this case you can have dispatcher and performer in the same process…

After completion of each record in performer it will come to dispatcher and check any mails available.

If any mail is available it will read and add to queue and then continue with next item in queue

If there are no mails BOT will continue with the next item in the queue

I created Dispatcher and Performer in seperate ReFrameWorks (1 for Dispatcher and 1 for Performer). How the Orchestrator will know which one is Dispatcher and which one is Performer and link two of them together? I want to run 2 of them in parallel as it is describe above and schedule at specific time (2 hours per day).

Hello @Adrian123

I’m very interested in knowing, if you’ve come up with a solution for this?
I’m sitting in the same predicament trying to handle dispatcher and performer with variating process times with only one license.

Let me know if you’ve found a good solution.

Hi Steven,

I am not sure if this is the best solution but I just put dispatcher inside the performer RE Framework:

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I was hoping to avoid that. But it might be the way I go when we only have one unattended license.

Thanks for the reply!

Hi again @Adrian123

I have just tried upgrading to 2019.10.3 on both the robot and the orchestrator, and on this updated version you have the ability to add a trigger on a queue. So the queue will start a process if there are available items within it.

This should make it possible only to schedule the dispatcher and adding the performer as the trigger on the queue.

Hope this helps.