Dispatcher and Performer best practice

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In the last advanced dev assigment in academy you had to create a dispatcher and a performer.

I am just a bit curious about this practice.

Why is it an advantage/best practice to have a dispatcher and performer, instead of a single project?

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Hope you are doing good
So to be brief with this, Assignment is set with both Dispatcher and Performer…
–Dispatcher will upload the transaction data to queue
–and Performer will get those transaction data from the queue
–this would help us when multiple robots are accessing same queue with its transaction item, while one robot will be feeding the input transaction data to that same queue.
–this will help us to handle cross functional application to get the details and process them one after the another…
–usually dispatcher will be ran first and performer will be ran followed by that to ensure that all the transaction data is processed from the queue
–this can be made in REFramework to take them more robust like handling application exceptions and less redundancy especially when handling queue items
–and dispatcher can be scheduled when we create any such in live production environment and that same project can include START JOB at the end of the process so that the Performer will be triggered.

hope this would help you
Cheers @ChrisPals