How to identify controls in word document

1- Word activities package is installed but corresponding activities are not visible in the pane.
2- Is there any activity which allows us to identify controls and their values dropped/used in Word document i.e. check boxes, text boxes, drop downs etc?

Hi Gupta, could you use the hotkeys in Word i.e. Atl + key to access menus and controls. Use the Send Hot Key activity to send the key combination required. :grinning:

Did you try to restart Studio and check again?

Thanks Ovidiu !!!
After restart it is working.
Please help to get check boxes, radio buttons value in word document. There is a form designed inside word doc.

There is a form designed inside word doc. Not sure how to navigate through and obtain values of selected controls.

This is a known issue…to get reliable selectors for word try your luck with UiExplorer and change the selection settings to UI Automation. It’s a manually tedious process.