UiPath.Word.Activities not visible in Manage Packages (available all) until searched for

Hi All,

Just going through the documentation as the first stage of the learning process.

In the while activity section it is going to write to a Word document (but can’t do that if the package is not installed)

I went to the manage packages (activated by the open box icon at the top of the activities pane) to see if the word package was available to install but it was not in the available -> all section (even if I removed the filter activities tickbox).

I found it by typing word into the search bar at the top of the mid section of the manage packages window.

It’s not a big deal but shouldn’t all available packages be shown in the ‘Available -> All’ area so you are aware of what you can have access to (I wanted to install everything when I was first made aware of the Manage Packages area).

Loving the learning path sorry about the patheticness of the question hope to be asking more challenging ones as I progress.

Good luck everyone!


It’s easy to miss but there is a page button at the bottom of the Manage Package screen. Word is on the second page. Thought I’d pass that along because you’re going to need Mail, PDF, Web, etc. :slight_smile:




Thanks v.much Troy.

Great wisdom sharing

Have some :broccoli: as a special treat!

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why i can’t find the page button, my version as below:
Studio 2018.4.0 - 11/22/2018
Community Edition
EXE Installer

Hi @Xuri_Qin

Since 2018.3, the page button was replaced by an infinite scroll. Simply scroll down and new activities will load automatically.

之前有点坑爹啊,not found!
get it!