Word Document Send Key to Find and pass the Text

Dear Creator,

I Just passed the Send hot key to get Find window. After that i want to pass the word to the text box. So that i used the Type into activity but i am not able to indicate text box instead of its highlighting entire pane of navigation.

Is there any way to resolve this?

is it a drop down button.


Its Navigation Pane of word document.

Srenivasan k

while indicating the type into element press F4 and see if its indicating.

Send Hotkey Ctrl+f 2 times and then typeInto. No Need to indicate typeInto

@vishal and @kirti.iyer Both are working fine thank you so much.

@vishal After finding the word - Ctrl+F,Type into,Enter then it will remove the last line of document. Any idea?

Srenivasan Kannan

@kirti.iyer … Thanks for your help and need one more help. after pass the text into Textbox if i pass enter button. its enter the line in the document .Not highlight the text as we do it in Manual . Any Solution For this ?

Srenivasan Kannan