Extract Checkbox value from ActiveX checkbox control


I have a set of ActiveX Checkbox controls in a Word Document that I need to determine if they checked or not. UiPath can see the controls and can be selected by GetText activities, however this just returns the label. Is there a way to extract the value of the Checkbox? Or do I need to have VBA Code inside the Word Document that I can trigger from UiPath and return all the values as separate arguments?


Hi @craig.norton

I believe that we can’t get those kind of things with UiPath activities, you should write a custom VBA Code in order to get those attributes


Hi @craig.norton

Instead of using the “Get Text” activity, which retrieves the label of the checkbox, you can use the “Get Attribute” activity to fetch the value of the checkbox. This activity allows you to extract the value of a specific attribute of an element.


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Thank you @Nitya1

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