How to identify/click current date in a calender


I have to click today’s(current) date in the calendar as given in the picture. But the problem is, few dates are repeated(e.g 1,2,3,4,29 and 30). There is nothing to differentiate between the current month dates and previous/Next month. Please help me.


Hi Arun,
you have to segregate this date functionality in 2 parts. Selecting Date from 1 to 31 is 1 logic and Selecting month is one logic.
at month you have left arrow and right arrow will change the month… so write a WF/ function to click left and right and read desired month name. Loop it with comparison for desired month.once month matched then the condition satisfy and enter into desired date search loop. once date found then report all into a Global veritable and exit the condition.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Thank you so much for you quick response.
Here in my case i have to click only on date. Current month loads automatically in the web-page. I just need to identify current date.And i am stuck here.


hope this posting will help… please go through.


My problem is to click a date. Suppose I have to click 29th Nov in the picture attached in my first post.
So there are two dates as 29. How would I identify the correct one.


ok then that indicate selecting right selector. if you post your application link if it is a web application and ok to share with team… please post here… i will try to help you with WF.

Sorry, cant share the application link or WF, the image uploaded earlier is the only thing i can share. I need to build a logic to distinguish 29th of Nov(in the image) from 29th of OCt.


i am facing the same issue? any solution ?

i found solution for the same, there were difference in the attributes in selector for the days,you would get to know when you try to click on any date which falls on weekend, weekday of current month, weekday and weekend of previous month which is visible in the current month calender.

<tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘" & offerDate & "’ parentclass=‘daysrow’ class=‘day selected’ />"
<tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘" & offerDate & "’ parentclass=‘daysrow’ class=‘day weekend’ />"
<tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘" & offerDate & "’ parentclass=‘daysrow’ class=‘day’ />"
<tag=‘TD’ aaname=‘" & offerDate & "’ parentclass=‘daysrow’ class=‘day selected today’ />"

Did you ever solve this problem? I am having a similar issue where it selects the previous months date. Any feedback would be awesome.



I think I may have found the solution to this!

As I was looking through the selectors for each duplicate date (ex. clicking on both “27”'s on the calendar), I noted that when opening UiExplorer, there was a key differentiation in the “column name” selector that was left unchecked. That column name had the day of the week (i.e. Mon, Tue, etc.)

I then simply used the formula: ‘DateTime.Now.ToString(“ddd”)’ in an assign function to determine what the current day of the week was.

Finally, I passed the result of the assign function above as a variable and placed it in the “column name” selector. Now I could finally differentiate between the two duplicate numbers.


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How will you proceed if there is no difference between the two selectors? Just the idx is equal to 2 if it’s the second occurence.

I thought of something like find elementS but I don’t know if it exists?