How to Highlight and enter values in those 2 fields in the Fiscal Period given below

I cant able to highlight & modify the fiscal period in those text areas because it highlights the entire area. I want to target the specific area to modify. Kindly help on this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @vishnu_vardhan_Pokuru
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Do you mean that when you use Type Into activity you can’t because the field is not detected ?
Then you should click on this

Then on Indicate Element:

Then try to target the field “Fiscal Period”. If you’re not able to have only the Fiscal Period field, come back to UiExplorer and change the UI Infrastructure Framework to Active Accessibility :

And indicate the element again.
If the field is now recognized, then don’t forget to save the changed and Ctrl+S your code.

If even with Active accessibility the field is not recognized, let us know to look for another solution !