UiPath can't find SAP Variant Input Field

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to put Text into SAP Variant with Type Into. But UiPath can’t indicate the Field.

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Try change UI Framework pressing F4 before selecting


This is the issue with high probability :slight_smile:

Follow the docs above

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not good idea. Inside SAP you should use always SAP default identification framework

Hi @LevKushnir

Thank you for the warning.

Is there any specific reason not to use this strategy? For example, we have SAP and UiPath set up correctly. However, for some Z transactions, the selector does not correctly identify individual elements.

share some examples, if you have. Super curious to see this.

As we are supporting all elements in SAP WinGUI, we do not distinguish between Z and standard transaction.


Good to know.

Thank you for the explanation. I will try to recovery one case and share with you

Today I have the same issue. But now I’m getting this error message. Scripting is already activated tho…

if you see this message, then scripting is not enabled. Check it please