How to have the bot find/scroll and select the variable "Name" in a website?

In my project I saved the always changing student name into the variable “Name”. On the website, I want to have the bot scroll through the page and find and select that name. Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @RPALearner_17,

Do you mean highlight the element?

You can use the “Highlight Element” activity and a dynamic selector on the property which displays the Name.

As an example using this page, in UiExplorer, I find the property showing text in your reply is called Text.
I tick this, then in the selector editing box I create a dynamic selector with a variable by incorporating the variable name in curly braces {}.
If your element is likely to have other text within it, add a wildcard either side *

For further information on Dynamic selectors, see: Dynamic Selectors

I can provide a more specific and accurate answer if you provide me the URL to the page.

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Hi @RPALearner_17

Use Stimulate actions in properties or use send hot to scroll down the page and using get text we can fetch the data by making the selector dynamic!


HI @RPALearner_17

You can try with Dynamic Selectors or

Try this way in flow chart

  • Use Text exist activity(Will return Bool val) and indicate on all the names and give the name you wnat to search in the text field.
  • If true
    • Use find text position activity and indicate all the names and give the name you wnat to search in the text field and store in a variable
    • Pass that variable in the Element in the property panel of the “Click” activity.
  • If False
    • Use SendHotKey → PageDown or use Scroll Activity

If you are using the scroll activity

Download this package
- Use Hover and indicate on all the names
- Use scroll activity

And join the line to the text exist activity

So that it will work like

  • Search the name is in first page and if yes search for the name position and click on that name if not in the first page Scroll down and check again it will continue till the name is found



To find the element before selecting

There are few methods you can try :

  1. Set Focus activity : it will set focus to the particular to element

  2. use scrolling down using javascript: to scroll down the page you can use javascript code and using that u can scroll down and checks whether the element u need to select exists or not

Thanks & Regards,
Nived N