Dynamically changing text

I am working on a use case where user selects a field called “view name” and the name is displayed at the top of the website. He then triggers the bot and robot has to get the view name which ever user selected and store the value. But the view name keeps changing as user selects different view names. Please help me how to approach this kind of problem

you are talking about a web page. so, i think, it is possible to build a selector based on HTML structure (tags, classes etc). Did you try to use a standard Web recording with Copy Text activity? it is difficult to provide a solution without your web page…

You probably need to use the Get Text or Get Attribute to get the value of the field, but what you will need to do is use UiExplorer and select the element where the value is and look through the attributes for one that identifies the element but does not change when the user selects a new value.

Then, you can use that attribute by checking the boxes in UiExplorer until you have generated a robust selector. You then copy that into your activity that gets the text. - if you use the aaname attribute for example, this will change as the user selects a new value probably (just guessing.)


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the above use case is a web application

I am little confused here. I used get text activity. But selector path I am unable to figure it out by looking at the DOM. This is making my application unstable. When View name changes my workflow is failing

I might be to identify what selector you can use if you can provide a screenshot of the UiExplorer Window with the attributes of the element on the right included. Then, also provide that same screenshot but after you change the value of the field select the element again.

Seeing the attributes of the element before and after the value changes will help identify how you can adjust the selector to work at all times.


Hi Clayton,
Thanks it worked. But I have another question. I am working on a use case where I need to check the output of gettext activity (which is a string in my case) is in excel list. For this I have used excel application scope and for each activity inside it to check if any row contains the string. But my logic is failing. Can u pls help me


FYI- I have used string.join(“,”,row.ItemArray).Contains(“output from my get text activity”). But this is failing