How to have both dropdown list box and also textbox both for user input?

I want to get splunk timeframe input currently i am showing in multiple choices it is showing dropdown list i want to show text box also along with that same time. please advise if it is feasible.

Could you please clear your requirement?
My understand is you need show 2 input dialogs at the same time
that’s right?
I think we can only show each dialog in turn
first the dropdown, then the textbox

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 No I want to give input option to user to choose either from dropdownload list box or they can type textbox same time. Input dialog multiple choice it is showing now i want to enhance to have textbox as well inside same dropdown is it feasible?

I got it
You want a dialog that includes 2 options
both selecting multiple and entering the textbox
we can select 1 option only
I think we can use 2 dialogs
if 1st dialog user dont selected → we have blank value → show 2nd dialog with other option

hope it help,

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