How To Create A Multi Entry Input Dialog Box

I want to create a user input dialog box that takes in multiple inputs.

Input 1 - Text Field
Input 2 - Drop Down List

Then carry these user input values through the rest of the bot.

Thanks, Richy.



Use the concept of dynamic selectors.
In the assign activity, create a variable of string type and store the input selectors in it.
Then you can pass it to required activity(dropdown, gettext)

Thank you @Ashish_Verma

@Ashish_Verma I think you might have misunderstood.

I need to create a pop up input dialog window to have the user enter values before the bot runs.

This is not an online form to enter the data.

This is to receive data from a user. To be used as a variable to run a sequence.

Use Input dialogue box acitivity.

not comfortable is of using 2 input dialogs:
first for the textfield
second for the dropdown that can be done with the use of options (2 options radio buttons, more then two options dropdown)

In the time before forms this activity was an alternate:

@Ashish_Verma @ppr

Thank you. yes i understand how to create 2 x input boxes.

But question is how to have 2 x input in 1 dialog box

1 input dialog box

  • 2 inputs
    1st input - text entry
    2nd input - drop down

is this possible?


1 box two inputs:
Custom Input
Forms from newer releases are the approaches to check on

as first stop on developing ideas on it

Hi @richygeorge

You can also use our UiPath.From.Activities activity package. It has a lot of cool features :slight_smile:
Find out more here #dev:forms

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