Show/Hide textboxes based on dropdown choices

Hi all,

I would need help with showing/hiding textboxes based on multiple dropdown choices.

For example:
I have dropdown with choices:

At beginning textbox should be hidden and if user chooses 2 or 3 in dropdown I need to show him additional textbox which needs to be mandatory.

Please, help me with this!
Thank you all!


Just so I understand correctly, you have an Input Dialog activity with a multiple choice input type. When the user selects a number, you want to use more Input Dialog activities based on that number. Is that correct?

If this is the case, could you save the result and based on this number, run a loop that opens a new textbox? For example, a user selects 3 and then a loop runs 3 times opening a textbox on each iteration.

Or are you instead referring to some UI elements on a webpage?

Sorry, I forgot to wrote, I was referring on UiPath Forms, I would like to create that in UiPath Form designer

Here is the solution, thank you for your help!

NotificationDataWorkflow.xaml (11.4 KB)

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