Multiple pop up

Handling random popup using pick branching.

  1. Use Element Exists activity to check if a popup has shown up.
    If you’re generally aware which place the popup might show up, put checks in those places in the workflow.
    If the application is just randomly showing popups all over the place, preference should be given to getting rid of those popups if possible by talking to the dev team of the application (assuming it’s a supported application, internally or externally)
  2. Try to find common links between the selectors of the two popups so they both may match a single selector. If you can’t be sure if pop1 will show up before pop2 (or vice versa) then one approach is to use asterisk ( * ) symbol to match common strings.
    E.g. if their respective IDs are ‘pop1’ and ‘pop2’, then you can use a selector like
    <id = 'pop*' .... />
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