How to handle SAP network connectivity issues

Hi, how do you all handle SAP connectivity issues ???

Hy @GGF,

For SAP I recomend using SAP GUI Scripting, it is fast, relaiable, and I have use it a lot and it works great.
Take a look!

if you are interested I call tell you all about this

Do you have any experience in VBA?


Yes please. I am interested. I wanted to know specifically while automating SAP if the connection is lost in middle and the screens freeze, how do we handle it in RPA

Hy @GGF,

One of the main issues working with SAP is that some transactions take too long to process, aind it treagers the UiPath timeout error. IT does not happen in SAP GUI Scripting.

I recommend you to watch the videos, if you have any questions please add me to your linkedin account so we can talk some more about this.

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