How to handle queue dispatcher and performer in single project (using ReFramework)

Hi, We have a requirement to implement multi bot setup with queue operation (Queue to be shared by multiple bots, but queue push needs to be performed once).
As per the guidelines by customer, use single REFramework project setup (for Queue push & processing).

Do we have any option to achieve this without going with Dispatcher and Performer approach. Your early response/reference is highly appreciated.

Thank you

thats the point of dispatcher/performer apprach. do you mean your customer only wants 1 process deployed to orchestrator? and that process has to handle both the dispatcher/performer roles? if thats the case you can try the approach below

you can add an argument e.g. in_dispatcher (the value of which you can set from orchestrator/assistant) , then check whether its true/false, if true then let the robot perform queue push, otherwise perform queue processing.

You’ll have to change the state machine a bit so that it doesnt go to get transaction / process transaction states if you are only doing the queue push

You need to explain to your customer the benefits of having a separate dispatcher and performer, and why it’s best practice.

Thank you Jack for the pointers. I try to check this option.

Thank you

Sure Paul. Thank you