Is it okay to combine both Dispatcher and Performer into single REframework?

Hi, I would like to know if it alright if I combine both Dispatcher and Performer into a single REframework process.

At the moment, I created an additional state machine to act as Dispatcher after the process done with initialization.

One of the main reason for doing this is to connect the process with Orchestrator to make use of Monitoring System.

Thank you.


it is perfectly alright to have both dispatcher and performer in RE frame work. we can have the dispatcher work flow in init state first run.

We have to consider some of the scenarios like where it will take huge amount of time to get the data by using dispatcher workflow. in some case like it will take 5 to 6 hours to get the input data from the application so we cannot wait those many hours to gather our input data instead of that we have to go the approach like maintain the dispatcher and performer in two different processes and we can connect both of them by using Queue triggers. in this case whenever we get the transaction from dispatcher queue it will automatically trigger the performer bot.

if the use case you mentioned is not fall under above scenario you could have dispatcher and performer in the same RE framework.

if you have any additional questions please share us in this post so that our forum members will help you. thanks.


regardning my experience.
For more complicated processes, I always use two processes: the dispatcher and the performer.
The dispatcher collects the data and passes them to the queue, and the trigger is set on the queue’s element and launch only when there is something to be done.

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