Utilizing a queue-based trigger within the REFramework that encompasses both dispatcher and performer

In a scenario where we have both dispatcher and performer bots, what specific items will the performer bot process? When utilizing a queue-based trigger, will the performer only process new items? If there is only one item added to the queue, will the performer handle only that single item? Additionally, how can we design a workflow within the REFramework that encompasses both dispatcher and performer functionalities?

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Developing Both Dispatcher and Performer in One REFramework Workflow

To combine dispatcher and performer functionalities in a single REFramework workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Initialization State:
  • Load configuration settings and initialize applications.
  • Check conditions and add items to the queue if the transaction number is 1.
  1. Get Transaction Data State:
  • Fetch items for the dispatcher part to add to the queue.
  • If performing, fetch items from the queue for processing.
  1. Process Transaction State:
  • If acting as the dispatcher, add items to the queue.
  • If acting as the performer, process items retrieved from the queue.
  1. End Process State:
  • Close applications and perform necessary cleanup actions.
  • Log the completion status.


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Hi @priyakumari997

First of all we use the dispatcher to add the data to the queues. Generally this dispatcher process will trigger by using the Time trigger. It will add data to the queues.

The performer will process all the queue items which are in new state. We can trigger this performer by using queue trigger. If any new status queue item added to the queue it will automatically triggered and process all queue items which have new status.

We use this approach to save the bot time.

For example, today there is no queue items added to the queue by dispatcher then no need to run the performer, when we use queue trigger for performer, if no single queue item not added them the performer will not execute and we can save the time of the bot.

If the data added to the queues, the queue items will be added by dispatcher and the performer will trigger by queue triggers and execute it process.

Hope you understand!!

Will give it a try TQ

How to split in to multiple threads

Note : To follow this dispatcher and performer we have to develop the two different workflows for both.

Hope it clear for you… @priyakumari997

Tried this and working as per my requirement @sandyarpa767 :slight_smile:

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