How to create 3 performer and 1 dispatcher in REFramework?

Hello experts,
I have one question related to REFramework,
I want to create 3 performer and 1 dispatcher. is it possible ? if yes, how to do it? can any one give me idea ?

Hi @RobotUi

Could you elaborate a little more ?

When you saying 3 performers you mean 3 bot processing different kind of process, not related process.

Or you want to scaling up on single bot that runs in parallel?

If you have different process that need be process independently, in you dispatcher you can add the items in different queues based in some criteria and each performer consumes its own queue

3 performers for same process but with only 1 dispacher

Thank you @RobotUi

Some approaches for this:

The dispatcher and performer in the same bot

At Init phase you upload items to queue with one key that distinguish the performer that will be process the uploaded item

2 bots

Dispatcher and performer

The same strategy, create transaction items with one classification key

In process state you can check this key to find out which performer will need be execute this item using Flowchart for example


In your performer based on whatever conditions you like use 3 different add queue items to add items to all 3 different queues and link each queue to eqch performer and use it


@Anil_G & @rikulsilva ! guys i didn’t get you. Can you please explain me in details?

In my approach:

  1. I will be creating one seperate dispacher using ReFramework who will be responsible to add items to Queue.
  2. I will be creating one seperate performer using ReFramework who will be responsible to get the items from Queue and process it also set the Transaction item to “Success” or “Failed” as per business logic.

Now, what i want is to create 2nd & 3rd performer that process the same Queue item so that items on the queue can be process faster. How can i achieve this ?

Should i need another machine ? or what should i do? i have no idea? i have only worked with 1 dispatcher & 1 perfomer till now.

I will be very grateful if you give me idea or show me the process with 1 dispatcher and more than 1 performer, performing with same Queue.


okay you just need to configure another robot and machine and run the same process again no changes to process


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The idea of using multiple Bots allows more robots to pick up items in the queue at the same time. This would reduce the overall time it would take to clear the queue as you would have more than 1 Bot working the queue at the same time. Each bot will handle a single transaction in this case.

You need to add another robot & machine as correctly said by Anil. Also make sure you have seperate dispatcher & performer. You only need to add another robot for performer part.

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  1. another robot should run in same machine ? or need another machine ?
  2. Two robot can in same time in same machine ?

Hi @RobotUi

In a high-density scenario where multiple Unattended robots are executing tasks concurrently on the same machine, you may need a separate license for each robot instance.

Check this link on how to setup high density robots.

Setting Up Windows Server for High-Density Robots (

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


on same machine we can run but different users should be there and your machine should be capable of multiple logins at same time


I have licensed version of UiPath. It means : if have 3 license i can create 3 robots and that 3 robots can run same time ?


Yes you can create 3 robots and they can run same time…

One mor ething is that your vm should allow 3 parallel logins at the same time

And you need to configure machine using template or machine key and not login ao that any user can use the machine with different robots


Lets say i have assign a license to a user called “”, and i have 3 license associated with that user.

Can i do login with same user ? in 3 different pc ?


this is possible but with some restrictions…else we need to have different users as parallel sessions are not possible with ui for same user

check this for more clarity