How to handle dynamic webelements

Hey guys,

I am new to this tool. please accept my apologizes if it’s a poor question.

I need to click\sendKeys a web element, which is totally a dynamic element.
ID will keep change for everytime when loading the page.

Login 1: id=“x58Sn0-cnt” class=“z-tab-text” uipath_custom_id=“8”

Login 2: id=“nT9Tn0-cnt” class=“z-tab-text”

Also we can’t relay on class “z-tab-text” because so many other elements are sharing the same class.

thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I would just play around with different options:

  1. Use Wildcards for instance id =“*-cnt”
  2. If a Label is juxtaposed with your Webelement , try to use anchor base with label Element Exists (may be) in condition and Click web element in action
  3. Try to include parent elements fine tune your selector.
  4. Use Hotkeys to go to the element for eg: chose a static selector element (label in #2) and click on it and send tab followed by enter hotkey to focus your element and click.
  5. Try above, if not will think about other options.

check also this:

this works!! awesome!!! :slight_smile:
3) Try to include parent elements fine tune your selector.

What do you exactly mean by parent elements please share an example here
@vvaidya sir please