Issue with Dynamic Selectors in Web

In above image black colour number is dynamic in selector part, on my web form their are multiple text box having the same type of selector only number change,
~Each ID comes only once, it can’t repeat, each and every field has a unique ID
~If i mark as a star (*) at that place it can’t work
~I also remove ID from selector it can’t work
~I tried following selectors also it can’t work
~I don’t want to use OCR, Screen scraping

html app=‘chrome.exe’ htmlwindowname=‘_top’ title=‘Content - SuccessFactors Administration’ />
webctrl id=* tag=‘IFRAME’ />
webctrl id=‘__editor*-__xmlview*–idAnswerChoices-0-placeholder’ tag=‘LABEL’ aaname=‘Enter answer here…’ class=‘sapMLabel’ innertext=‘Enter answer here…’
parentclass=‘richTextEditorPlaceholder’ parentid=‘__editor*-__xmlview*–idAnswerChoices-0’ title=‘Assessments’ />

then selector did not validate,
Is any alternate solution

Try using Get Attribute activity and get the ID of the box.

After using Get Attribute activity ID will Same Selector will get

Don’t give ID as the selector in Get Attribute Activity.
Pass all the reliable selector parameters excluding ID.
In the Get Attribute Activity, you’ll have a drop down list of outputs needed. Choose ID and store in a variable
Pass the Fetched ID in your next operation

Each ID comes only once, it can’t repeat and each and every field has a unique ID

Whenever you are using the particular element use the Get attribute first followed by get text or click.

Just un-check the dynamic attribute while correcting the selector. as in the last screenshot. Just un-check the id’s.

Please select aaname & innertext as static selector in order to enter some information into that field.
Hence use aaname and innertext to identify the uielement and also Please ensure it is going to correct Uielement by using Highlight button.