Question: Two activities at the same time?

Hello I have a small question!

I want my process to continue when an element vanishes. So I use the “wait element vanish” function for this. But occasionally there will be a warning, and a button will have to be clicked so that the element vanishes.

So I want the bot to either wait for the element to vanish or click the button. (when button clicked element will also vanish). How do I solve this without putting in too much delays

Please check

Thanks Robert, I don’t think this is an execution error but rather a step in the process that has to be executed

@Peter_Peter You can try ‘parallel activity’. May be this can help.


Actually, you can use the global exception handler for that warning.
As it says here #FeatureBlog - 18.4 - Global Exception Handler :

TL;DR : Imagine that you know you have a pesky pop-up that appears once in a while on your desktop which renders the execution to a halt and failure. You can add logic in the handler to remove the pop-up, when that happens, and then continue the execution from the activity which failed by retrying that exact step.

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like this?

From what im reading online this will first click the button and then wait for the element to vanish. But ill try to get this to work

Yes u can make it work.

Hi Peter,
You can either use Pick activity . please refer the below thread and link for better understanding . Hope this helps. Thanks

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The problem im facing with this right now is that when the ok button does not appear the program is still waiting for it to appear. I don’t want that to happen.

This seems to be what im looking for indeed.

Is this how that function is used?

You can even check if “Element exists” and based on the return value of it, address the warning.

I believe this should make good. please try it out and share ur comments .

Then u can go with other options mentioned by @Uthraa & @anon62075255 that might helps.

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