How to Handel system exception into RE-Framework


I am using Try catch in RE-Framework project there I am trying to catch the system exception if there is anything exception occurred while performing operation, even if catching exception in specific activity when it comes to Process Transaction its suppose to go to End Process but flow goes as Success into Get transaction Data.
Can anyone please let me know how to continue this system exception since specific flowchart till end process.

In below screen shot suppose retry scope failed then it is throwing system exception correctly. no challenge

In catch exception I have assign exception

when its comes to the Process transaction its goes into Success which is not correct. it should go into Error.


Can you make Retry Scope properties Continue onError to False like below

Hope this helps


Hi, thnx for reply.
In Retry Scope Exception catch gives system exception correctly. I am facing this challenge in my entire solution, even if selectors also failed it is not consider this as exception and work accordingly.


Check all the activities properties are continue on Error is False

Also check the selector that even if the required selector is enabled even if it is not visible

in this case you have to use Get Attributes - Visibilty option to make sure that the element is visible

Hope this helps you