Re-Framework continuw with same application when system exception

Hello all.
I have a scenario.
I am using 3 applications to fill the data namely A, B and C ( in sequence one after the other) .
consider there is a system exception while filling the data in application C.
How to continue entering the data in same application C where we got error.
In my case after system exception it’s going to initialization sate and re opening and entering the data in all the 3 applications.

Hi @Dinesh_Babu_S

maintain Boolean flag for each application either in variable or dictionary.
before entering into the applications, check the flag and proceed.

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If you have a sample/Dummy re framework for this could you share it?


  1. Create 3 assets app1 ,2,3
  2. In the if first run condition in initialization use set asset and set the value of all assets to not completed
  3. Before steps of each application try to use get asset activity and save in variables
  4. enclose each application steps in if with the values str.Equals("Not Completed") where str is value from get asset…
  5. Once application steps are completed then use set asset activity and set value of asset as completed

So that after system excption occurs when it comes back the assets will be completed and the steps are skipped


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check this approach.

  1. Initialization
    • Config(“APP_A”) = False
    • Config(“APP_B”) = False
    • Config(“APP_C”) = False
  2. Process
    I. If(Config(“APP_A”) = False)  ProcessA & set Config(“APP_A”) = True else  Skip
    II. If(Config(“APP_B”) = False)  ProcessB & set Config(“APP_B”) = True else  Skip
    III. If(Config(“APP_C”) = False)  ProcessC & set Config(“APP_C”) = True else  Skip
  3. Set transaction.
    Success & Business rule exception
    • Config(“APP_A”) = False
    • Config(“APP_B”) = False
    • Config(“APP_C”) = False

Note: it would be better if you could add retry scope where BOT interacting UI

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