Using Data Scrape and NEXT button


Can you please help me with this one?

Click 1 document in a website > Get data(Scrape data) > Click the Next button in the Upper right > Get data (Scrape data)

Until the results in the next button are done.
Is this possible?

Thank you

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Use delay activity or wait for until element visible .

All data results found can be scrape? In just on excel?

The next button is inside the 1st document found

Yes, when you are doing data scraping and you have scraped the data it will ask if the data spans multiple pages and if yes indicate the next page button like ‘Next’ or ‘>’ button
It will automatically scrape till the last page ad give you a datatable which you can write into one single excel sheet


Hi Nadim.warsi,

What if the second element to data scrape is in the next page?
Like you have to click the next in the upper right then there goes the second element


That is the comparing purpose …we need to select similar type of data then we need to give name of the column

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Hi @pprincsipe,

As @nadim.warsi said, you can fetch the data from multiple pages by clicking on next button using datascraping. You just click on data scraping and the wizard will guide you well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup, thats what the data scraping does for you
Its an RPA feature. All it needs is the data format you want to extract and Next page indicator(if multiple pages). Rest it will take care of :slight_smile: