How to go down(recursively) and select each item in a webpage

Hello everyone,

I have a web page which has a tree like structure, and I have to go down recursively till I get a link.
For instance:
i) Click on India, there is no link
ii) So, next click on City, there is no link
iii)So, next click on Mumbai, there is a link. This will lead to a new page. So fetch the data from that page. After fetching I should go back one step and again click on next cityname(here it is bangalore).

Someone please help me get a solution


have a try on

  • expanding all children with the help of the right key ( a lot of Ui Elements allows us to start on top and when sending right, right… it will expand or jump to next when it is already expanded)
  • collect all links with find children

But also have a look if the links are already present but not displayed. Then we can omit the expansion and use find children directly for retrieving the links

It is already expanded. I need to recursively go down one by one and check if there is any links and fetch data from it.

have a look on find children activity as mentioned above

Yeah, even I’m checking with that. Will update you.

I was stuck with other work. couldn’t update here.
I was able to retrieve links using Find Children.
Thank you

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