When writing a while loop to press the next page button and click on all hyperlinks in a table on a webpage, find children doesnt find the links after going to the next page

Basically the webpage looks like this and i need to click through all the links in the page and then click on the next page button at the bottom until the last page. I am currently using the find children activity inside nested loops to get the tag and then click it. This works well on the first page but after going to the next page it does’nt recognise the children. I tried using the data scraping tool to extract URL and that method does’nt work.


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  1. With table extraction what issue are you facing? What do you mean when you say it does not work?
  2. Please check the selector used in find children…may be it is having some attribute which is specific to first page…open in ui explorer and make it generic by removing the attributes specific to any pge or using wild card characters

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Instead of this

Did u try with table extraction here

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Hello @tejas.ma

  1. Use the “Open Browser” activity to open the webpage.
  2. Set up a loop to check for the “Next Page” button, click it to move to the next page if it exists.
  3. Use “Find Children” to locate and click links on the current page.
  4. Use dynamic selectors for the “Next Page” button to adapt to changes in properties.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until there are no more pages to navigate.

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Hey @Anil_G Thanks for the reply!

So basically this is what the website looks like with not many unique selectors for the td or tr tags
and this is my current workflow

I get the table first and the children of that with the td tag filter and then the children of those with the A tag filter, and then i click the A tag elements.

But my problem is as it moves to the next page it still only finds the children present in the first page. How do i fix this?

Hey @Palaniyappan thanks for the reply!
I did try this out initially but all the links in the table use the same fetchDocuments.do file and you cant navigate to them using a navigate to activity. It has to involve using click to click the link.


Can you please show the selectors you are using mainly in the table selector




This is the filter…what is the target you are using?


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