How to go back to next page using terminal session for IBM PC


I m using Terminal Session using IBM Personal Communication in Uipath where i have given command after that, I m not able to go back to pervious page. If i give clear in Control Key…its throwing error message

Please help !!


what hot key use while you do thing manually? There will be some keys like F* that will do this but confirm first with your process SME :slight_smile:


@aksh1yadav, even I am facing the same issue. we use F3 to go to the previous screen in Manual process. Can you please help me out in this situation.

Hey @Manish_V

You can use Send Control key Activity unders Terminal Category. There is you will have F3.


@aksh1yadav, I am using UiPath Internal and it says that Function Key “F3” is not allowed.

@Farha.S, can you pls share your ws profile or the values inside it like by opening it using notepad. And, can you also send the Connection String values in UiPath as I am unable to create a connection using IBM PC.

Hey @aksh1yadav

Unfortunately you can not connect with uipath internal as a provider to connect with IBM mainframes.
That is why you have a dedicated provider listed in the provider list.
So select Either IBM Personal Communication as a provider or IBM EHLLAPI Or Reflection.
Depends on your needs and things availability
You can search on forum about terminal connection with IBM mainframes Like 3270 and As400 so search it.