¿How to I can automate terminal emulator "IBM iAccess Client Solutions" with Uipath terminal activities?



Hi everyone!

Anybody could I help me with this problem? I’m trying to connect Uipath terminal activities with terminal emulator “IBM i Access Client Solutions” this terminal is Java Based AS400 Client, the sessions files have .hod extensions. I am not able to make a connection to Uipath terminal activities.

I followed the steps here: EHLLAPI With the Access Client Solutions Emulator
Run : acslaunch_win-32.exe /plugin=pcs and acslaunch_win-32.exe /plugin=sm

Settings in UIPath:
Show client application: no
EHLL dll: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\EHLLAPI\EHLAPI32.dll
EHLL function: hllapi
EHLL session: A
EHLL Enhanced: No
Basic: Yes

But has not been successful, the message box is " There was an error connecting to terminal. Error: Code: Error"

Thanks for you help.


Hi @edwin09,
Your terminal application should kept open before running the terminal activity using Uipath.
Please try and let me know.


Hi @jibanjyoti

Excuse me for the late reply, the provider “IBM EHLLAPI” in Uipath do not work for me, I had to use provider Uipath internal but I have other problem, I need send to “Page Down” I am using “send control key” for terminal activity, I put the page down, but his behavior is like a “tab” or “down arrow”, how to
I use send keys activity for terminal emulator to send “page down” correctly?



I have the exact same issue, have you manage to find a solution?


Hi @EnzopieroV

I had to use the “Uipath terminal” provider or try to install the package of previous versions “terminal activities” to try to make it work whit provider “IBM EHLLAPI”