¿How to I can automate terminal emulator "IBM iAccess Client Solutions" with Uipath terminal activities?

Hi everyone!

Anybody could I help me with this problem? I’m trying to connect Uipath terminal activities with terminal emulator “IBM i Access Client Solutions” this terminal is Java Based AS400 Client, the sessions files have .hod extensions. I am not able to make a connection to Uipath terminal activities.

I followed the steps here: EHLLAPI With the Access Client Solutions Emulator
Run : acslaunch_win-32.exe /plugin=pcs and acslaunch_win-32.exe /plugin=sm

Settings in UIPath:
Show client application: no
EHLL dll: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\EHLLAPI\EHLAPI32.dll
EHLL function: hllapi
EHLL session: A
EHLL Enhanced: No
Basic: Yes

But has not been successful, the message box is " There was an error connecting to terminal. Error: Code: Error"

Thanks for you help.

Hi @edwin09,
Your terminal application should kept open before running the terminal activity using Uipath.
Please try and let me know.

Hi @jibanjyoti

Excuse me for the late reply, the provider “IBM EHLLAPI” in Uipath do not work for me, I had to use provider Uipath internal but I have other problem, I need send to “Page Down” I am using “send control key” for terminal activity, I put the page down, but his behavior is like a “tab” or “down arrow”, how to
I use send keys activity for terminal emulator to send “page down” correctly?


I have the exact same issue, have you manage to find a solution?

Hi @EnzopieroV

I had to use the “Uipath terminal” provider or try to install the package of previous versions “terminal activities” to try to make it work whit provider “IBM EHLLAPI”

Hi…Are you still facing the same issue ?

I am not able to send pagedown key in Terminal As400. Please Help

Hi @edwin09 ,

Am facing exact issue if you have solution kindly share me some suggestions.