How to give a proper answer?

The above post is one that has been around for some time now. It has been quite helpful to the community members to properly understand the questions and give apt answers.

Now I was going through some of the posts here when I realized how many of the answers are disorganized or don’t make sense.

Moreover, the MAIN intention of most of these answers, right or wrong, is NOT to help the questioner but to get the “solution” tag on them. Many times, the right answer has already been given by one community member, when another one comes in and, instead of adding on to that answer or giving an alternative solution (that is what used to happen before there were quarterly/semi-annual perks involved), provides his/her own version of the same solution.

I understand you can’t force anyone to write answers properly, just like you can’t make them ask questions the right way. But I think it’s something to think about and possibly to work on by and for the community members.



@siddharth - Good post. If UiPath can publish a post “How to answer a question?” similar to the post “How to ask a good question?” , that would be great! Kudos to you to raise this topic! :clap:


Actually that topic was an aggregation of what the community was already doing back then + parts inspired by stackoverflow and originated from the community (mvp’s (and leaders etc.) are not UiPath employees). We didn’t have @loginerror back then and @ovi just started I think, so we needed to act as we could. Now that the community is much larger I don’t want to imagine how it would look like without them and others keeping things kinda organized.

If you feel that a topic like this would be useful, you could create one in this section and see what happens :slight_smile:


@andrzej.kniola - I have posted the below FAQ. Thanks for your suggestion.

This just helps to have more engagement and its where we want to go (i guess)
Why not switch back and see what happens :wink:

I think the rate at which its growing we need more members that can help organize the community, splitting, rearranging and closing the threads.
I hardly see this happening :thinking:

We all can do our part to make it as friendly and organized as possible.

Lets keep growing and learning.


good one!

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Imagine someone using UiPath to spam UiPath’s Forum. Wait did i just give this person a viable idea?

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