Can we make the "how to ask a good question" thread a sticky?

This post is great advice not just for uipath forums, but for any type of question you are asking online or in person.

It is quite clear that the majority of people haven’t seen this post. Would it be possible to make this a sticky in the forums? Also, would it be possible to tie it in somehow so the first time a user creates a post, it shows them this post first? Not sure how that’d be possible, but it’d be cool if someone knew how to implement it.

EDIT: I realize that the post I linked is stickied within the “FAQ” section of the forum. However, I don’t think very many people browse by category, especially new users of the forum. I was hoping it could be an overall sticky that shows up on the home page when at

Hi @Dave

This is already kind of in place (let us know if you think this is not enough).

We have a link to the Forum FAQ Beginners Guide attached on top of the post creator (when you click New Topic), as well as it being sent to every new user in a private welcome message.

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It’s probably enough, we just can’t expect people to actually read through it. Thanks for the reply though :slight_smile:

This is our daily struggle :slight_smile:

At this point though, we think that the discoverability of our Forum FAQ (which contains a quick start-up guide, all the useful links, as well as the link to the old introduction you’ve linked).

Now it is up to all of us to point out these helpful resources to new users whenever appropriate :slight_smile: