How to give a good answer?

How to give a good answer?

First, I need to thank @siddharth for raising this topic and giving this idea for an FAQ on how to provide good answers to the questions being asked in the forum.

And thank to @andrzej.kniola for gently prodding me to write this FAQ on my own instead of waiting for someone else to do this.
(@siddharth - please feel free to add to this list, I will then update the post).

I hope my below suggestions would help all the forum members who are answering posts.

So here we go.

1. Read the question.
This should be obvious but sometimes we do not read the question completely or understand the context. It would help to spend sometime on the question, understand what the ask is and then think about the answer before rushing to type the answer.

2. Answer the question.
This one should also be obvious but keeping to answer to the point on what is being asked would immensely help the person asking the question. Also before rushing to answer the question, use the search facility in the forum to see if the question is answered already. Sometimes the person asking the question is new to UiPath or new to the forum and might not have done enough research on their own to find the answer. In these cases, just including a reference to the post which has the answer is enough.

3. Do not solve the problem
What I mean here is to help the person asking the question just enough so that they can proceed further, but do not let them lose the joy of solving their problems themselves.

4. Give love!
If the question is unique or challenging or helps you in a direct or an indirect way, go ahead and like the question. You will get good karma for this too!

5. Pause
Before you answer, please go through the answers in the post which are already provided by other kind souls. Make sure that you do not give the same solution. There is nothing more frustrating for a desperate soul looking for answer and to find out that it is a duplicate which they have already tried and failed.

6. Probe
Sometimes the person asking the question does not provide all the information needed to respond with an answer. The person might not be a native English speaker and in these scenarios, ask probing questions to narrow down the problem. (For anyone interested:

7. Be nice.
Add a personal touch, don’t come across as a robot. :slight_smile: Be aware of the fact that some users may be very frustrated and just want their problem solved.

8. Take a break!
Always be polite, if you feel yourself needing to be rude, impolite or rant, please step away and do something nice for yourself (e.g. tea, chocolate, coffee, hike, walk, bicycle, etc) and come back 1 hour later :-).

9. Finally…
Always remember! You do not have to answer every question!

UiPathers - Please feel free to add to this list and I will update the post.

All the best and happy answering!

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You’re most welcome, @sreenivasm, but honestly, it’s us who should be thanking you for creating this post without waiting for anyone else to do so. This is very well done! (y) And I like the human touch you gave it with points like “Take a break!”, “Be nice”, and “Give love”.

I believe you’ve covered pretty much everything I could think of. However, if I do get something else, I’ll surely add on to this.

Oh and by the way, I’m sure you, too, will get good karma for this one. :wink: Great work!