How to get values from the table of a VC++ application

I am trying to extract from a table in an legacy application. This application was developed using VC++.
So, the data scrapping method didn’t work as it gives me the error message “this control doesn’t support data extraction”.

Is there any other way through which I could extract the data from the below indicated table into an array to support different actions?. I need to click the records with status PAID Also I need to retrieve the status ID of all PAID records.

I.e I need to iterate based on certain column values and also read data from one column using another column.

I tried screenscraping but couldnt understand how iterate through values.

Could someone please tell me how can we achieve this?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Praveen.

Have u used Screen Scraping?

can you say more details?

Use screen scraping with full text. You will get data and manipulate the string as per requirement.