Extract columns from internal database

I am trying to compare data from within an application to a spreadsheet. The application (database) will have one line of data to compare. How can I extract the data from the database and assign a variable to the columns I am comparing.

I was able to use “get full text”, but then this is one string. What is the best way to extract the data?

Hy @jklein,

Could you please show some screen shots os both the database and the excel sheet?


@William_Blech_Sister Attached is a redacted screenshot (since this is an internal application database).

The excel sheet contains a column with unique identifiers. I am having bot loop through this sheet (for each row). It takes the unique ID and enters that to a search field in the database. The database will return 2 or 3 records and I am always looking to get the 1st record only and disregard the 2nd/3rd.

I am only interested in certain columns from the database (always the same ones). Some are not visible and you must scroll to the right to see them. I want to take the data from the database and append it to the row of that same unqiue ID in the excel sheet.


Thank you for your help!

Hy @jklein, a couple of questions:

How are you getting data from your database?
Is it via SQL query or it is like an app you have to get data from? If it is an app or website you can try data scrapping. If it is a SQL query use uipath database activity.

If you you have your data already in the excel. You can read range and populate a data table. Loop thought the data table and the fields you want to a new data table (use build data table and add row activities). At the end paste this data table into a new excel sheet using the write range activity.

Does it make sense to you what I said?


This is an app I have to get data from. I am able to get the data use “get full text”, but I am not sure how to transfer this information and paste it into the excel sheet.

If I were to use data scraping, how do I transfer the data into structured columns in an excel sheet?

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Hy @jklein,

If you scrape the data as a table you can print it as data table in excel

Take a look at the documentation


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