Facing issues when tried to get data from multiple rows from a table

Hi team, I’m trying to extract a single value from a Table with multiple columns. The data is in a key value format (Example: “Name: Aswin”) When i try to extract the value it fetches the value from first row alone even if there are multiple rows. I need to extract value from all the rows, can someone please help me to achieve it?

Note: I tried using index, but since i’m using Anchor base to find it, i’m not sure how to change /add the locator from Span to Index. When i used data scraping to extract the entire table, the data is not scraped from the UI.

Hi @AswinSridhar
Did u tried the DataScrapping Option?

Yes @NIVED_NAMBIAR , But the data which i’m looking for is not scraped in Data scraping, So i had to go for Anchor base to get text.

Hi @AswinSridhar

Can u share the screenshot ,

And also try the screenscrapping option and then extract the required data using regex

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR I’m not allowed to capture screenshot from the site (Apologies!)
Just tried with the Screen scraping, but still I’m not able to find the value. The value is getting extracted only with the Anchor base.