How to get values from dropdown like all India states & cities and write that values into Excel Spredsheet can anyone please help me in that?

from this link also extract petrol and diesel rate

the question sounds like:

  • select in dropdown a particular value
  • extract resulting table

So in general we can do:

  • extract drop down values - using find children activity and post prossing the children
  • Select Item Acitvity - drown down value selection
  • Data Scraping - Extract Table data into a datatable
  • Write range - write extracted datatable to Excel

@ppr I want to extract all states cities petrol and diesel rate and that data write into excel

this is the images of task

given description is doing this
in case of these concepts are new to you then do some training courses from UiPath Academy. Here are the relevant concepts presented and it gives you some starter help

thank you @ppr actually I know how to write that extracted data into notepad I created also but I dont know how to write into excel all like states cities from dropdown

So check UiPath Academy.
Datatable to Excel we do use write range as mentioned above

I will try to help you on your way:

  1. First you would need to scrape all the states from the dropdown, and then iterate through all of them with a For Each Row
  2. Use the name of each state (in a variable) in the selector to click in the dropdown
  3. Scrape the data from the page
  4. Add the state column
  5. Merge the state results to the totals
  6. When the For Each is finished, use Write Range to write the totals to Excel

Fuel (1.3 MB)

can u hlp me , kindly, can u share bot.