How to get value from developer tool

HI ,

I have a request list in web page.i am trying to get value of request Id. But their is no separate column in list.
so we press f12 ,in inspect mode we click on request name , under element section it shows source code of it.
we search for word"approver Id" …i want to get that approve id value.

Using scraping , it wont identify approver id , as this element is not present on browser.
approver id is visible in the source code only(f12).

can anyone help me in it. It would be very appreciable.

Is that approver id stored as an attribute value for that particular request in the list?

If that’s the use UiExplorer and indicate this particular name, you have list of all the attributes. Check for the attribute that has that value. Once you are sure with the attribute name, you case use ‘Get Attribute’ activity and pass the name of the attribute to get the approver id.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

thanks for reply .
No. i tried with UIExplorer but it also not get the id. As id is visible in the source code only

Did you check the ‘Property Exploer’?

Rammohan B.

Getting error like “current selection is empty ,please select element on the screen.”

You have to indicate that element and then check the property explorer.

Rammohan B.