Interacting with Dev Tools in Chrome

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a project which needs to click on certain files in a list within Chrome, however, for whatever reason UiExplorer cannot see the value property of these files, only the ids and other code, so I’m unable to search for the file names I need to click on as UiPath only sees a random hash of the filename stored as the id. That’s issue one, and the owner of the site has no idea why we can’t see the value property, as it’s in the DOM, so any thoughts there would be appreciated!

To get round this I thought I would get the bot to open Dev Tools in Chrome, search through the elements to find the relevant files, then use string manipulation to extract the hashed IDs, store them as variables, then use those to open the required files. Very roundabout weird way of doing it I know, but can’t think of another way. Issue two - UiPath doesn’t seem to be able to interact with Dev Tools properly, despite having a working UiPath Chrome Extension running? Anyone else had this issue, or similar? I am sending hotkeys, and tried typing into, to send ctrl+] and ctrl+[ to switch between Elements and Console tabs to allow me to send ctrl+F to search, however when doing this manually it works, when UiPath does it it also opens a new tab and opens Source Code in another new tab? Using Click OCR text works to click on Element, but takes a while and obviously isn’t the most reliable method.

If I’m over complicating things, please let me know as I’m sure I am, but nothing simple seems to work!



EDIT: Turns out I can’t search in the DOM for the ID then use that as that’s dynamic and changes every time I open dev tools, no idea how or why but nothing surprises me with this site. Still intrigued why ctrl+] opens a new tab though, when it doesn’t when I manually perform the shortcut, and why I can’t click elements within Dev Tools?

Hi @Alex_Cross

Could you provide some snippets of the website’s code? Two ideas I have would be:

  • trying out Find children together with Get Attribute activities
  • using Inject JS to do some actions that are problematic

Sorry for the slow reply, turns out they’re using java (I think) to create a dynamic DOM, so UiExplorer was unable to find some relevant properties. Interestingly when I manually entered them as the selector UiPath did find them.

From the DOM:
I (badly) redacted the value, but you can see it has a value.

From UiExplorer:
Title redacted but not the same as value.

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