How to get UiPath to generate a data table that replicates the table on the webpage?


I’m working on a project where I’m scraping health plan data from a carrier’s website.
I’m using the extract structured data table activity to scrape data from a table on a plan benefits page, which I then iterate through row by row to parse out values for db insertion.

Here’s what one of the tables can look like:

Using the data scraping wizard defaults, UiPath however, does not generate a table with only 1 $0 value for monthly premium. Instead it creates duplicate $0 values in the In-network and Out-of-network columns. DT object pic here:

Is there a way to have UiPath generate a table that replicates the website’s table exactly?
If not, does anyone know what activities and workflow I’d need to get in place to parse out the row values from the html? I’d prefer not to go that route as it would require a major refactor, so if it’s possible to generate a DT that mirrors the websites, that’d be preferable.

Thank you!

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Hey @cho_cho

Could you please highlight the duplicate values ?


Hi @cho_cho ,

Have you tried Scraping Each Column Separately One By One, the Below Post Describes it in Detail :

Sure, for example in the benefits table only one cell is populated for monthly premium and annual medical deductible.

In the extracted DT Object however, UiPath autopopulates the single value twice for both columns.
I want UiPath to replicate the table exactly. Instead of duplicating single cell values for both columns.