How to extract table data

My target is to extract this table, i don’t know which activity extract this table?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.!

Hi @chandu_rsr,

I would suggest try Data Scraping wizard,

here’s one doc on Data Scraping, this might help you in this.

Can you please Share the url, so WE can Cross Check Out solution suggestions. Thanks

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Most of the relevant data are found under DL (Defintion List) on the DD, DT.

As for the DD,DT Pair Sequences not a row iterator can be defined, so Datascraping will not be configurable for this retrieval.

In this scenario I would suggest to work with find children on the DL’s. In a subsequent step the DD,DT’ can be processed e.g. with dynamic idx selector or over additional find childrens.

Let us know your open questions

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It is a so confuse site. You will need help from this:

as already mentioned the structure is cross composed. As there is not rowiterator defineable it cannot managed with data scrapping.

However in rogh prototype it was manageable with the combination of different techniques. Here is the result:

Part One:
can be done classically with get text:

Part Two:

  • with find children the two DL can be retrieved
  • with another find children the DTDD series can be kept:
  • with a modulo dt dd are used for constructing the datarow array

for sure this done within a few nested loops

Part Three:
find children to the divs with class col* taking col, col d-non… ommiting w-100

the first half are the timings, the second half are the info

with the uielement api we can do a find firstr chidren and retrieving the alt from image

Kindly note this was POC / quick prototype, so for production level some finetuning / dynamzing is recommended.

Demo XAML here: (23.3 KB)

Let us know your feedback


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